Melbet Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Service (TOS) refer to the set of rules and regulations that govern the use of a particular service or platform, such as Melbet. The TOS outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the user and the platform, as well as the limitations and restrictions that apply to the use of the platform.

For users of Melbet, understanding the TOS is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, the TOS outlines the procedures and rules for account registration, deposit and withdrawal, betting rules, promotions, and responsible gambling. By reading and complying with the TOS, users can ensure that they use the platform safely and responsibly.

Secondly, the TOS protects both the user and the platform by outlining the consequences of violating the rules. By complying with the Melbet TOS, users can avoid account suspension or termination and ensure that their funds are safe. All of the rules also apply on Melbet app.

Melbet Terms and Conditions - general information

Key terms and concepts

Essential terminologies and principles employed by the wagering corporation:

BetA contract between a client and the betting firm is based on the predefined Terms and Conditions, where the result is contingent on the occurrence of an event. The betting company accepts wagers subject to its own stipulations.
OutcomeThe outcome of a particular occurrence, and an exclusive entry in the Sportsbook, which serves as the bookmaker’s proposition for a wager.
CustomerA person who participates in gambling and is of the age 18 or above.
SportsbookA roster of events presented by the bookmaker, including the potential results and corresponding wagering probabilities.
Canceled BetA bet that becomes null and void due to reasons specified in the Terms and Conditions and is resolved with odds of 1.00. As per the Terms and Conditions, if a bet is annulled, the player’s stake is returned to them.
Regular timeThe duration of a game as per the regulations of a specific sport, which may comprise of additional time given by the referee. Standard time excludes additional periods such as extra time, overtime, penalty shootouts, and the like.
General rules on Melbet - what to pay attention

General Terms

Some basic General Terms of Melbet India

  1. The website is managed and owned by Pelican Entertainment B.V., which holds a license (Curacao Egaming License No. 8048/JAZ2020-060), and has a registered office at Perseusweg 27A in Curaçao. Alenesro Ltd, a Billing Agent for the site, has its registered office at Nikou Pattichi 108, office 201, 3070 Limassol, Cyprus, with registration number HE 399995. The full range of rights are legally reserved and safeguarded.
  2. The bookmaker acknowledges wagers on international sporting events and other events. Upon presentation of an identity document (such as a passport), the bettor (customer) can place bets and receive payouts for their winnings.
  3. The bookmaker only accepts bets from clients who are 18 years of age or older and who comply with both the bookmaker’s terms and conditions and the terms and conditions for accepting bets.
  4. Any wagers made in contravention of the bookmaker’s terms and conditions and the terms and conditions for accepting bets and paying out winnings may be deemed null and void by the bookmaker.
  5. The bookmaker bears no responsibility if it is discovered, even after the fact, that wagers were placed in breach of the terms and conditions, as determined by the bookmaker itself.

Main rules for accepting bets

When placing a bet with a bookmaker, it is important to understand the main rules and guidelines for accepting bets. These rules are typically put in place to ensure fair play, prevent fraud and protect the interests of both the bettor and the bookmaker. Here you can read our main rules:

  1. MelBet provides a sportsbook that comprises a catalog of events, along with their respective outcomes and winning probabilities, on which the bookmaker accepts bets.
  2. A minimum wager of INR 17 (or its equivalent in another currency) is required for any event.
  3. The maximum bet amount for each event is established by the bookmaker, taking into account the particular sport and event.
  4. The bookmaker reserves the right to restrict the maximum wager and odds for specific events, as well as to modify the maximum bet amount and odds for specific events for individual customers without prior notification and without providing a rationale.
About the rules for confirming bets on the Melbet website - main rules
About betting insurance on Melbet - how it works

Bet Insurance

To alleviate the risk and offer more security to bettors, we now offer “bet insurance.” This type of insurance allows bettors to protect their wagers against certain unfavorable outcomes and potentially recoup their initial stake or a portion of it. Here we will explore the concept of Melbet bet insurance:

  1. Bet insurance is a service that comes at a cost, with the insurance price being determined by the prevailing odds of the event that is to be insured.
  2. The Client has the option to insure a bet either partially or in its entirety.
  3. Single bets and accumulators are eligible for bet insurance, whereas other types of bets cannot be insured.
  4. The “Sell bet slip” feature is not available for insured bets made by the customer.

Restrictions on some event outcomes

An accumulator or system bet may include only one related outcome. Related outcomes refer to two or more distinct wagers that become interconnected due to unanticipated circumstances related to their outcomes or events. Bets involving related outcomes may not necessarily have the same result or pertain to the same event. As the interdependence of outcomes may not always be as evident as in the given examples, the bookmaker retains the right to determine which specific outcomes are deemed related.

If an accumulator or system bet that includes two or more interrelated outcomes is erroneously accepted, the bookmaker reserves the right to declare the entire bet or a portion of it invalid. Under such circumstances, the odds of the related outcomes, excluding the one with the highest odds, will be considered to be 1.00.

About the restrictions on the use of the site Melbet - limits and examples
  • Example 1: If a match ends with a score of 1:1, it is considered a draw. In such cases, at least one draw is recorded in the current round, implying that the event “match score 1:1 – yes” and the event “draws in the round (>) more than 0.5,” along with other logically similar outcomes, are considered interrelated outcomes.
  • Example 2: If J.P. Montoya wins a Formula 1 race, he cannot place lower than any other participant and will therefore be ranked higher than D. Coulthard. This establishes a relationship between the event outcomes of “J. P. Montoya to win – yes” and “J. P. Montoya above D. Coulthard,” as well as “D. Coulthard to win – no” and “Team McLaren (D. Coulthard and K. Raikkonen) to win – no,” among other event outcomes that are logically and reasonably similar.
About Melbet's return policy - consequences and limitations

Refund Policy

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their use of the website complies with the laws of their jurisdiction. They also confirm that gambling is legal in their place of residence.

The customer must ensure that their actions are legal in their residing territory while creating an account or using the company’s Website. Additionally, they guarantee and agree that they have obtained legal advice before registering on the Website.

In case the company finds out that a customer resides in a country where using the company’s Website is prohibited, the company may close the customer’s account. The remaining balance on the account (minus any winnings credited after the last deposit) will be refunded.

Procedure for resolving disputes

This paragraph outlines the procedure for resolving disputes that may arise between the company and its customers:

  • Bets will be settled based on the initial (actual) result if the outcome of a concluded event is later changed or voided for any reason (such as disqualification of a team or player, improper arbitration, etc.).
  • The bookmaker is not responsible for any differences between the specified date and time and the actual start of an event. The start dates and times provided for events in the Sportsbook are estimates.
  • The bookmaker accepts claims about the outcome of an event within 30 calendar days of the event’s official end as per documented records.
Dispute resolution on Melbet - how disputes are resolved

Markets (outcomes)

This table shows the abbreviations used in the Sportsbook to represent different outcomes of a match or event.

“Team 1 To Win”“W1”
“Team 2 to win”“W2”
“Team 1 to win or draw”“1X”
“Team 1 Or Team 2 To Win”“W1W2”
“Team 2 To Win Or Draw”“X2”