Melbet TV Bet Casino Games in India

Melbet TV is a section containing live casino games from the famous software creator, TVBET. There, you will find 13 games that provide exciting gameplay fit for different play styles and preferences.

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Melbet TV Bet for Indian Gamlers

What is TVBet?

TV Bet online casino software provider was founded in 2006. With RWB, Mondo Gaming, BtoBet, and many others among partners, it was able to quickly win the hearts of Indian players and become one of the most popular developers. This was also achieved thanks to the use of JS and HTML5 standards, which make it possible to play games not only from a personal computer but also from mobile devices on Android and iOS.

The rounds are conducted by live dealers who are in real gambling halls. Games are broadcast online with the help of first-class equipment that will provide gamblers with a picture in full HD with excellent sound. As for honesty and security, Gaming Laboratories International has conducted all the necessary checks and confirms safe play.

The TV Games tab on the casino site has two subsections: TVBet and Lotto Instant Win.

TVBET information on the Melbet website
Melbet TV Bet Game Book

TV Games in Melbet

Players from India are offered a choice of any of the 11 available games. All of them have their unique gameplay as well as different features, and here is the full list:

  • Fast Keno;
  • Wheel;
  • Poker;
  • TVBet;
  • War of Elements;
  • 5Bet;
  • 7Bet;
  • Keno;
  • 1Bet;
  • Lucky6;
  • Blackjack.


The game rules are simple: you just have to guess the sector where the arrow will be shown when the wheel stops. Apart from this type of bet, there is an option to bet on groups of sections by color type, and even/ odd numbers. Other Wheel functionality includes the ability to view statistics.

Melbet TVBet Wheel
Melbet TVBet Poker


The game of poker now has a more modern interpretation offered by TVBet. Although the game is based on the classic Texas Hold’em, it is modernized with some changes. The player is given a choice of 6 hands of which they should choose one that they think will be a winner. The range of bets is from 10 to 45,000 INR.

The gameplay consists of several rounds. Indian players also have additional options, including access to personal statistics and a list of the latest jackpots.

War of Elements

The game has the name War of Elements but is usually shortened to just War. Gamblers must make a prediction about the outcome of the round. The user as well as the dealer gets 1 card, the only thing left is to guess who will win. Separately there is also an opportunity to make such types of bets as:

  • Color of any card;
  • Over/under;
  • Suit of any card.
Melbet TVBet War of Elements
Melbet TVBet 5Bet


Users from India are extremely fond of playing lotteries, which is why Melbet brings an opportunity to play 5Bet. It offers a total of 36 balls, but only 5 of them will randomly fall out and determine the winner. The task of the player using the types of bets presented below is to choose the right outcome of the round.

  • The sum of numbers drawn;
  • Even/odd;
  • Numbers by color;
  • Numbers to be drawn.

Players are given time to choose a bet, which allows them to take their time and think it over. It is also worth noting that each game lasts about 3 minutes.


Some gamblers who live in India call this game a more expanded version of 5Bet, which may seem to be the case. 7Bet contains 42 balls in black and blue colors. Users can now afford to bet on combinations of numbers and colors, which can add more excitement to the game as well. With this in mind, it is worth summarizing what betting markets are available:

  • Numbers to be drawn;
  • A sum of numbers drawn;
  • Even/odd.
Melbet TVBet 7Bet
Melbet TVBet Keno


The game starts with a live dealer filling a lotto machine with 80 balls with numbers written on them. Then the balls are mixed and 20 random ones are drawn. Users can bet on Odd/Even, Over/Under.

In addition, gamblers can find the Fast Keno game, the game has no differences but is for more experienced users. That is why each round lasts no more than 3 minutes, reducing the waiting time.


Players have 45 seconds to place a bet in 1Bet. With a total of 37 numbers to choose from, the user’s task is to bet on:

  • Number;
  • Color;
  • Even/odd numbers.

The game is played non-stop 24/7, allowing gamblers to play it any time of the day or night.

Melbet TVBet 1Bet
Melbet TVBet Teen Patti

Teen Patti

This game is frequently identified as Three Cards. It originated in India and is sometimes likened to poker. In this Melbet TV Bet game, a single deck of 52 cards is utilized. After shuffling, a dealer will distribute three cards to each participant. Combinations may be constructed with the cards and you succeed by guessing who’s going to win. You can bet on the winner and winning combinations.


There are a total of 48 balls in the game, but only 35 of them will be randomly selected. The user has to determine which first 6 balls will be released by the lotto machine. The number, color of the balls released, and more are available to bet in Lucky 6.

Melbet TVBet Lucky6
Melbet TVBet FruitRace


Three blue balls depict plums, three red balls depict cherries, three yellow balls depict lemons, and one orange ball depicts the number seven. The idea of this game of chance is to bet on how many matches you think will be completed.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is an easy-to-play card game with origins in southern India. On Melbet TV, you play with 52 cards. After shuffling the cards, the dealer removes the joker from the center and sets it in a preset spot. Following that, the dealer shuffles the deck and takes out cards one by one, putting them alternately on ANDAR and BAHAR. The objective is to locate a card with an identical value to the joker. The side to get that card wins. The bets can be placed on the winner, number of cards dealt, and other markets.

Melbet TVBet Andar Bahar
Melbet TVBet Blackjack


Users should choose who wins, the dealer or the player, in this interpretation of the game of blackjack from TV Bet. The goal of the game is to collect a combination of cards that will be equal to 21 numbers or as close to it as possible. Other betting markets are also available such as:

  • Win with 1/2/3/4/5 cards;
  • Blackjack win;
  • Bust;
  • No bust.

Lotto Instant Win on Melbet TV

Lotto Instant Win is another TV games provider with 4 studios, each giving their own take on the lotto game. All games are automated, with no real dealers’ participation. On this basis, the developers provide the game round the clock, which is an undeniable benefit.

Studio numberGames availableNew draws
  • Lucky 6 35/48;
  • Win 5/48, 7/48;
  • Special-Studio 1.
Every 4 minutes
  • Win 5/20, 10/20;
  • Special-Studio 2.
Every 2 minutes
3Win 1/37Every minute
  • Keno 5/80, 10/80, 20/80;
  • Win 5/80, 10/80, 20/80, 30/80, 40/80, 50/80.
Every 5 minutes

It is worth noting that there are additional tabs that can be used by Melbet gamblers: history, top winners, video tutorials, and results.

Benefits of Melbet TVBet Games

Melbet TV casino games have many advantages. Read the information below to familiarize yourself with them and be convinced why you should try this category:

  • A choice between two of the most famous providers of TV games;
  • The opportunity to take advantage of unique bonus offers specially designed for Indian users like the welcome bonus or Members Only;
  • All live dealers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, which shows their professionalism;
  • It is possible to play all games via the Melbet mobile app;
  • The variety of games allows you to choose one that will suit both low and high budgets;
  • One-click registration method gives you access to the game in 1 minute;
  • More than 60 payment systems cooperate with Melbet India for easy and secure deposits and withdrawals.
Advantages of Melbet TVBET games


Will there be any new games added to this section in the future?

Melbet casino adds every new game that has been released by TV Bet as quickly as possible so that players from India can try them out.

When do the games work and can I play them?

All games are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means that you don’t have to wait for a game to launch, as it is running all the time, with short pauses between rounds.

What is the most popular game on TV Bet?

The answer is one and that is Keno. The game is an undisputed favorite among players from India due to its simplicity and automation.